Day 131 – Bats and Vampires, oh my!

HI !

I decided to combine the ‘bats’ theme with the ‘vampire’ theme since they get mixed together anyway : )

Let’s just start out with the statement “I Love Bats”. I do, I think they are one of the coolest creatures. Sue loves them and has even put up a bat house in her backyard, trying to lure them in. They aren’t scary, most of them are quite little and really don’t want anything to do with us or our hair : )

A single little brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour. That should make anyone living below the perma frost line happy.


 So bats have taken over my dining room…

And by (mostly literary) association so have vampires…vampire pumpkins that is : )

Smile pretty : )

Yes I got the idea out of the October Martha Stewart magazine. My favorite part of the vampire pumpkins, besides their goofy grins, is the fact that it took about two minutes per pumpkin to carve the places for the teeth to go. Having carved hundreds of pumpkins in my day the thrill is gone somewhat but that doesn’t mean I don’t like their happy faces.

Cupcake time

Along the way I pulled out the persimmon Fiesta plates and my autumn leaf plates. I found these adorable cupcakes with BATS on them at Walnut Creek Baking Company this morning! How perfect for a batty dinner : )

'bloody' glass

Just for those out there who want a little ‘creepy’ on their table I give you a bleeding glass : ) It’s actually Karo syrup with red food color added. Put the mixture in a bowl or on a plate large enough to dip the rim of the glass in like you would a margarita. If you want more drips just spoon it onto the edge and let gravity take over!

So cute : )

 The description on the packaging of the teeth states they glow in the dark. I’m going to have to wait until its dark tonight and see if that’s true. If it is there will be a photo update so check back tomorrow : )

If you want to read more about the amazing creatures bats are check out this site:

And if you want to read about the history of bats and vampires here is a great piece:

Tonight is Sue’s annual Halloween party – it’s her favorite holiday and she goes ALL out. I know there are pumpkins on her roof, the front yard has become a graveyard complete with tombstones, wrought iron fence and a crypt. What other treats are in store? I just don’t know : ) Stay tuned…

Tomorrow – Halloween party!!

235 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 131 – Bats and Vampires, oh my!

  • Aunt Betty

    love all your pumpkins… we actually grew our own this year…harvested 6 and carved one…your bats are the best….happy holidays to you and your family

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