Day 130 – Black cat love

Meet Jazz

It’s only fitting this Halloween to have black cats show up somewhere – this is Jazz, Miss Angie’s pretty kitty man. He is not only the assistant today but the inspiration as well!

Keep in mind that old adage, never work with animals or children. There’s a reason although having worked with both I have to say that working with animals is MUCH easier! You can get them to do quite a bit for their favorite snack and chances are they won’t get all hyper since animals snacks don’t tend to involve sugar : )

Jazz loves shrimp so as long as the shrimp kept comin’ I kept snapping pictures.  At some point he got full and bored so he went off to bathe and have a nap.

Kitty faces!

I’m loving the big cat faces happily twirling away in my dining room : ) They are another Martha idea but instead of making circles of folded paper I used a few of my tissue rounds and glued the face pieces to them.

Up close kitty face : )

Since kitties like playing with yarn and/or things that roll I set up some of the tissue rounds as ‘toys’.

Lights up

We’re back to more typical Halloween, coming up to the holiday itself and having had a couple days break made this feel fun again.

The plaid tablecloth is an old one bought at Target sometime in the mid 90’s (what we now refer to as ‘the good old days’ ). There are cats in the print somewhere…

I started with the large black plates, added the silver ones and then a small persimmon Fiesta plate. Along with the Fiesta cup & saucers are my daughters’ gothic glasses in classic black.

Orange and black : )

  Along with the Fiesta dishes are the go-along silverware that matches. Today its good to be matchy-matchy. Angie also had the cute black and white napkin rings to go with my black and orange polka dot napkins.The bowl in the middle of the table is a  piece of  Hungarian glassware. Its bright orange color and black band and foot make it perfect for this time of year.

Thank you, Jazz : )

So thank you to Jazz kitty for the inspiration, stay safe this season and stay inside. Thanks to Angie for such a pretty boy and having enough shrimp to make him happy!

We’re almost to the end of the Halloween festivities. There will be party pics AND an extra day of fun before we fall gracefully and gratefully into…fall : )

236 days to go!!

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