Day 128 – A Ghostly meal

Hello my neutral friend : )

I need a break from the black and orange. I know, I know….sounds crazy but after the riot of color this past week, and OH so much orange, my eyes are tired.

Imagine my surprise at seeing a buy-one-get-one-free on the pumpkins outside of Safeway! An entire bin of relatively unscathed white pumpkins, that NEVER happens : )

So my new white friends came home with me and are the welcome respite I need right now.


I stripped the dining room down to the bare essentials. White cloth on the table, nothing on the sideboard, mercury silver glass candle holders and big white chunky candles. The pumpkins themselves are so beautiful I didn’t want to carve them.

Because this was on the heels of the Witch dinner we had dry ice left and I tried putting some in the bowls here. You can just *barely* see the white vapors rising : )

Funny that you can’t see the white fog in amongst all the rest of the white….

Ghostly vapors

 My favorite french ivory silverware came to visit as did the nice crystal wine glasses. The dishes are all white Fiesta and the small dessert cups I found for the Gatsby picnic acted like votive holders.

Relief from orange and black : )

I have several small white vases in my collection, instead of flowers I put small candles in them for more ‘glow’ on the table. The silver spheres are actually steel balls that were meant to float in our pond. When we had a duck she loved to push them about and herd them together at one end.

I like the way the reflect the candlelight : )

Time for reflection and food

I feel rested and recharged, onward!

We’ve got cats and bats and a vampire or two to come, oh my : ) Even a gaggle of gargoyles…

238 days to go!!

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