Day 127 – Dinner with a witch

Happy witches : )

Aren’t these cute? I bought this piece of fabric years ago, I like it because the witches don’t look ‘mean’ or ‘mad’. I like the charming side of Halloween, not the dark gore-y stuff the stores seem to promote. I’m just not into my fridge looking like body parts have been stored in it : )

So these girls are right up my alley…so to speak.

A witch's broom

 The question is ‘What would a witch’s table look like?’ WE think it would start out with lots of bubbling cauldrons, she does do spells after all. And what better spell than dinner?!

The days feel like August but the evenings are definitely October so we’ve got the first pot of this seasons chili going. Chili needs things like onions and cheese and, of course, cornbread.

Time to eat!

 We experimented with dry ice to make a foggy, bubbling and mysterious concoction. You can add it to any punch for that extra special fun : )

Bubble, bubble....

 We’ve gathered some books of  ‘spells’, lots of candles and metal urns. The dishes are Angie’s black with my ‘radioactive red’ Fiesta, the napkins I made from fabulous polka dot fabric I found at Joann’s last year. The cute little witches-cauldron votive in the middle of the table was from Target years ago. Angie brought over the witch shoe candle holders in the back. We added striped candles to look like her tights : )

The fun surprise on the table -

Little devils

These are salt & pepper shakers from Salt Lake City, Utah! Odd choice of  an icon to represent their city, I’d like to know the thought process that went into that : )

Thanks to my husband for doing all the cooking – the ‘chief cook and bottle washer’ who did try to stay atop the tsunami of dishes with Miss Havisham…Halloween will be over in a week. We will then return to our regularly scheduled program!

Have dinner with a witch, you just might like what she concocts!

239 days to go!!

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