Day 122 – Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins…

Mr. Pumpkin Man : )

Pumpkins are one of my favorite parts of fall – I love to eat them, decorate with them, collect things with pumpkins on them… I found this little guy at our local hardware store, of all places, and I couldn’ t resist his stovepipe hat, stripey leggings and star jacket.

Pumpkins galore!

See what I mean? LOTS of pumpkins and a few jack-o-lanterns : )  We decided the tissue paper rounds were so fun from the candy corn shoot that we left them up and added some nifty orange/black as well as some small Jack faces.

Where's Mr. Pumpkin Man?

How many times have you decided to throw a party, worked frantically to get everything ready and then just as you’re going to get dressed you think “I need a nap!”. I’ve decided that maybe, for the really big parties, we need to be able to take the time to sit and have a meal with our family or friends that have helped do the set-up so here we are.

The tablecloth is one I made when my daughter was very small. We needed one big enough to cover our dining room table but everything I found was expensive and polyester. Ick. I went to the fabric store and bought 5 years of  orange cotton, sewed it together and hemmed it. Voila! Decent cotton, under $20 and still looks great all these years later. No plastic, no landfill and you’d be surprised how often something like this is used : )

Time for dishes!

Large black plates hold the vintage ‘radioactive red’ Fiesta with another small black plate on top. The napkins were made from fabric I found at JoAnn’s (it’s current, saw some there a week ago!) that I cut into large squares and hemmed. The silverware was my dollar-eighty set I found at Goodwill and the cute little glasses are my daughter’s “gothic” print glasses.

Candlelight : )

Besides the dishware we’ve got piles of pumpkin fun! The pumpkins themselves, all except for the tiny ones, are the foam fake ones that you can carve once and keep from year to year. Sue did the carving on these and did an amazing job. She actually has a collection of at least a dozen that she puts on her ROOF for Halloween! There will be pictures : )

Big grins : )

The pumpkins all wear a crown or a hat – they are metal covered in glitter that I found at a small home accessory store here in town called Filthy Gorgeous. Not only do they have fun and different ‘stuff’  but the owners have two french bulldogs that come to work with them, and they think our shoes that smell like cats and chickens are AMAZING. We think they’re pretty cute too.

The little Jack-o-lantern buckets on the left were found at a Hallmark store many years ago. They hold treat bags that are, naturally, printed with pumpkins. The buckets on the right are from Target this year, in the dollar section no less! They hold straws and toothpicks that have little tissue paper pumpkins that fold out for even more squash appreciation : ) Most of the pumpkin cut-outs were from Target in the last few years. You don’t need to buy much for a big impact.

Now it's a buffet!

 Now we’ve converted the table to the party set-up! Plates for guests, the cute Harlequin napkins and more gothic glasses so they can help themselves. The Jack-o-Lantern container in the middle of the table with the white smile and eyes is a reproduction of a vintage piece that is full of chocolate balls from See’s candies (the BEST!) that are wrapped in foil that look like…Jack-o-Lanterns!!

I think we’ve got enough orange and pumpkins here to make just about anyone happy! Pull out some orange, throw in some black and add an pumpkin or two. It’s shaping up into a fun season!

Tomorrow – Skullduggery

244 days to go!! (Can you believe we’re a third of the way through the year?! Time is sure flying!)

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