Day 121 – Candy Corn!

Hello happy corn!

Day one of Halloween fun starts with Candy corn, that sweet little candy that seems like its been around forever. If by forever you mean since 1898 then yes, its been around ‘forever’ : )

Orange and yellow all over!

Not all Halloween things are creepy, there is more to life than dark and creepy : ) I started with my big white hand-stitched quilt, added an orange tablecloth that I just folded one long edge in and placed a yellow runner down the middle of the table.

Check out the cupcakes...

The large bottom plate is white Fiesta followed by our favorite ‘radioactive red’ vintage Fiesta and topped with a yellow vintage Fiesta salad plate. The glasses are vintage as are the napkins and the silverware is my fun, super inexpensive IKEA set. The plate that holds the vintage sugar bowl full of our candy corn friends is vintage Harlequin. We ‘re rockin’ the vintage today!

Isn't she adorable?

By far my favorite piece on the table is our battered-but-still-fabulous Miss Halloween! I found her at the Peddlar’s Fair in Martinez many years ago. She has ‘issues’ from a collectors point of view, scratched paint, a leg that was broken and mended, no feathers in her hair… but she was a dollar so she came home with us. My daughter added the feather from one of our barred rock chickens : )  We bring her out every Halloween and she seemed perfect to be Miss Candy Corn this year.

The little candy corn votives were a local craft store find. Amazing what you can find for two dollars these days…

Fun above too!

To really bring out the party effect we hung tissue paper ‘ornaments’ – the larger ones I bought in an after-Halloween sale from Martha online ten years ago.  Keep in mind that Halloween comes back around every year, and the ‘theme’ stays pretty consistent : ) I rarely buy holiday decorations NOT on sale – just buy a few pieces each season and set them aside for next year.

What cracks me up about those tissue ‘orbs’ is no matter how you hang them, they will always manage to show you the seam when you least want to see it. Something about Murphy’s law I suppose…

Did you know each kernel of candy corn is 3.57 calories? Gives you something to think about as you plunge your hand into the bowl next time : )

There is a nice history of the confection here:

“Candy Corn Day” is October 30 so celebrate with style!

Tomorrow – Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins…

245 days to go!!

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