Day 120 – The calm before the Halloween storm

If it's blue...

It must be Sue’s and it is, a favorite to boot. What better way to spend the last remaining hours until we plunge headlong into our thirteen days of Halloween fun?!

But for now, the calm. The serene combination of blue, grey and white. SHhhhhhhh……..

Work dinner

We’re having a serious working dinner : ) Cool, calm colors that are a direct contrast to the frantic planning going on right now.  Will we have enough ideas? Will we have enough dishes?? Will we make it through with our sanity intact?

Stay tuned : )

Take a deep breath....

To keep us grounded we started with periwinkle blue Fiesta dinner plates, added the pearl grey salad plates and topped everything off with basic white bowls.

Check out the napkins!

All the Fiesta is modern (post 86), even the white tumblers and grey creamer. The silverware is the french ivory I love so that my mom bought at Sur la Table and the glasses are IKEA specials.

Everything on the table is modern except the cloth and napkins. They HAD to have come from Nadine – no one but Nadine makes sure the tablecloths have napkins and especially the ones designed specifically for the cloths!

Fab-u-lous : )

I love this print – more calla lily leaves. It just may need to have an encore this spring when we really will have calla lillies in bloom.

Tomorrow starts the 13 Days of Halloween! We have ghosts and bugs and pumpkins planned, along with a mad scientist and an historical character or two : ) Be inspired and if you send us a copy of YOUR tablesetting we’ll post them here in a special section!!

See you soon…heh, heh, heh…… : )

Tomorrow – Day 1 of Halloween

246 days to go!!

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