Day 119 – Birds of a Feather

Quail : )

This is part of a set of plates my mom bought for me last year. We got a ‘deal’ on them since they were supposed to have 4 different designs and only had three plus an extra duck. Extra ducks are always good : ) The quail in this set is just the icing on the bird cake.


I wanted something dark and dramatic to set off these guys. I pulled out a piece of hand batiked cotton I had earmarked for pirate wear. It’s got a design like feathers, the dark colors I wanted AND is right here. Today its all about location : )

Our friend from California

I pulled out my basic china with the gold edges to frame my bird friends. The bonus to these plates, after the water color-like lithos, is the gold design around the edges and background art.  I decided upon the french ivory silverware to complement the china and a dark purple napkin.

Ms. Duck

For ONCE they’re using a girl duck! I think the girls are stunning, with their multiple shades of brown, brilliant blue stripe on their wings and sleek heads. They are also feisty as all get out! I once watched a mom duck chase an opossum over a quarter of a mile down the creek to get it away from her kids. She wasn’t letting up until it was good and gone : )

Mr. Pheasant

To complete the jewel toned dinner I’m using green and gold iridescent wine glasses along with a purple water  glass. The serving pieces are plum Fiesta and the flowers are very, very dark purple petunias that I bought to use outside in the Halloween pots. I thought they were so pretty they were invited to dinner tonight : )


Ashton also invited himself onto the table and was the only one who actually sampled the petunias. He gave me a look that clearly said “Why’d you let me try THAT?”

Halloween table settings are in the works as we speak. Stay tuned for the start of our 13 days of black and orange and hopefully inspiration!

247 days to go!!

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