Day 118 – Brittany’s Birthday!!!


Today is my wonderful, talented, brilliant and beautiful daughters’ birthday!!

Twenty-six years ago she came into this world, a little early, a little startled and very small. It was just the two of us for many years, and along with the support of her grandparents and some very good friends, we all did good : )

I chose one of her favorite movies of all time – ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’. When we lived in LA some years back, a friend of mine was living with the guy who designed most of the movie posters for Touchstone/Disney. They had a set of “Nightmare” posters a year before the movie came out that Brittany would just gaze at when we were over there. She’s had a love of this movie before most of the world had even heard of it : )

She’s been to Disneyland MANY times to see the conversion of the Haunted Mansion this time of year, collected tons of ‘stuff’ so I chose a few of her most favorite pieces to put together a table setting for birthday dinner.

Jack, Sally and company

When I started looking through both her collection and Angie’s I came across many Jacks, lots of Sallys and an army of supporting characters. It was hard to choose : ) but you can seriously get too much of a good thing going if not careful.

Orange and black and cupcakes, oh my!

I started with an enormous undercloth, actually part of an old quilt. I like the texture of the hand quilting and its corners reminded me of Zero the dog just a little. I added an orange because what’s Halloween without black and orange? And then the black wonky striped cloth I made from a yard and a quarter of fabric. I *almost* hand painted Jack’s wavy stripes on black cotton but re-thought that whole idea when I ran out of patience while fighting a cold.

Mostess : )

The adorable harlequin napkins I also made from Halloween fabric that is still current at JoAnn. I have to say most modern holiday fabrics I find uninteresting or redundant but these were cute. I started with the requisite large black plate, added a vintage ‘radioactive red’ (or what we think of as orange!) Fiesta plate and topped it with a pearl grey Fiesta plate.

Double chocolate : )

The Jack mug and the candy bowl centerpiece are pieces Brittany bought in Disneyland. I remember when she found the candy bowl, she said she had to look through every piece in the store to find one that had all its hanging Jack heads!

There are delightful slightly gothic glasses that I just couldn’t get a decent picture of – imagine, a black pattern printed on glass against a black tablecloth. We’ll just have to use them again and show them off!

Cupcakes galore!!

Miss Angie lent me the Jack and Sally creamer and sugar set, I love the jaunty Jack! You have to hand it to those Disney folks, they’re good at the merchandising : )

Of special note are the myriad of cupcakes. My daughter has a sensitivity to gluten so imagine her delight at finding an entire bakery locally that specializes in gluten-free baked goods! Not only are these good, but if you didn’t know they were gluten free you’d never know.

The cupcake in the first picture is their version of a certain popular snack item, Mostess is the name they gave it. The rest are just amazing concoctions of cocoa or pumpkin or almond. Yummmmmm…….

So thank you to Miglets for their innovation. It means that people like my daughter don’t look wistfully at pastry cases any more.

Funny side story – after I finished this table setting I took a short nap. I awoke hearing ‘plonk…..splat…..plonk….splat…”

Ashton kitty had discovered the little chocolate pumpkin candies in the dish, he’d pick one up, drop it (plonk), it would roll off the table and hit the floor (splat) and he’d do it again. I was so tired that by the time I opened my eyes and realized what he was doing there were 14 balls on the floor. He ran off when I laughed. Lesson learned – don’t leave little balls of anything laying out in the open!

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I hope the rest of your day is fabulous : )

If you live local check out Miglets:

Tomorrow – Birds of a feather

248 days to go!!

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