Day 117 – Comfort Breakfast

Feisty rooster : )

One of the ‘secrets’ of being an adult that no one ever tells you about when you’re growing up is that you will have ‘weeks’, weeks where NOTHING seems to go right or well.

Maybe they CAN tell you, but what 8 or 11 or 14 year could really understand?

This has been one of those ‘weeks’, where you slide into the weekend saying “OH MY GOODNESS, REALLY???” So as I reflected on the fact that A) I survived the week and B) the weekend just HAD to get better I found I really just wanted some comfort. When I looked at the things around me certain things stood out and that’s how I put together today’s table.

A new start to a new day

First up is my mothers tablecloth. It just struck a chord this morning and so its a virtual hug from my mom. The rooster in the middle of the table is from my youngest sister, who had a ‘week’ of her own with sick kids. The Fiesta plates are there because they are my favorite, they always make me feel a little better.

Ready, set...

The small salt & pepper shakers sit in a little plate with a ‘tail’ which remind me of my chicken girls and they definitely make me smile. When I woke up this morning they were there, talking and being themselves : )

GO! Cherries start the weekend off right!!

Because the rooster figurine came out to play the rooster glasses needed to come out too : ) I pulled out my big cherry mugs for chai, added some bakelite silverware in bright red and finished it off with my round Fiesta pitcher. When I was on my way home with the dog early this morning I stopped by the grocery store for bagels (not out yet) and possibly some lovely red flowers to complete the table. Hah! It’s fall so everything is mums and orange/brown/yellow.

Ah well, there is enough comfort on the table now for me : )  Grab some chai, make some scones, invite a friend over and life is better.

Tomorrow – Another birthday!

249 days to go!!


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