Day 116 – Not so fall : )

Hello bright florals : )

We’re having topsy-turvy weather around here. Normally this time of year is gorgeous, 70′s, cool nights…but you know something is askew when its warmer in South San Francisco, where I work, and Walnut Creek, where I live. If its 68 degrees there it should be around 80+ when I get home.

Today it was 84 as I left (which most San Fransican’s think is excruciatingly warm) but only 76 when I got home. Weird…

So it felt like summer and summer means bright florals and this cloth was calling…

Check out the red...or lack thereof

When I found this cloth on ebay it was listed as ‘Hawaiian’. I’m not quite sure why they thought that but I supposed the loops of flowers look a little like lei’s. What I REALLY loved was that periwinkle blue, bright yellow and oh yeah, the red.

I am still feeling the excitement over finding a couple periwinkle plates so I decided to try to do this setting with a little red as possible. Why? Because it would be SO easy to fill the table with red and love it.

Periwinkle and yellow : )

So I started with the periwinkle and my vintage yellow Fiesta and then got stuck. It would be EASY to add a red bowl, and look great, but I was looking for different, not necessarily easy.

Miss Angie came over to commiserate over world events and suggested pulling out the green so out came the Block Depression glass and little footed bowls. Perfect! The salt & pepper shakers are vintage Harlequin, the silverware IKEA and the sugar bowl Lindt Steymeist.

Not so much red : )

And just for good measure, and because I just COULDN’T resist, I pulled in a tiny bit of red in the Fiesta go-along glasses.

Love the red, and some other time we’ll have to do a red celebration. Today its periwinkles turn : )

Tomorrow- Comfort Breakfast

250 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 116 – Not so fall : )

  • Angie

    Nice to see that you want other colors to come out and play, you don’t want them to get jealous and not play with you at at all. No favoritism around here.

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