Day 109 – Another challenge! #2


Look familiar? It’s the same California Hand Print pattern that I used in day 55, the challenge from Angie. The colors in that were decidedly more ‘me’ with the blue and gold. This is so NOT me, all browny beige and orange…

Why do I have it? It was part of a cutter bundle most likely from Nadine. I seem to recall a couple really cute things in there so I figured why not?

Sigh…so now I have this and its a challenge.

More Glads : )

I let the orange guide me. It’s fall, orange is such a fall color that I figured I can’t go wrong starting there. Or can I….

Pretty good!

Not too bad if I do say so. Once I don’t see the bland border its actually quite lovely. The greens and oranges play well together (what were they thinking with that beige band…seriously…)

When I bought the Glads the other day I didn’t realize I had two colors in the bunch, they were closed up so tight. When they started to open I had the perfect orange which I think makes a HUGE difference here.

Pumpkins : )

The dishes are all modern – the bottom plate is cream Fiesta, the middle plate a recent Target find (4 for $5, how can you go wrong?!) and the top plate, cups & saucers and pitcher are persimmon Fiesta. The vase holding the happy Glads is vintage  Hall and the ivy glasses are vintage from Goodwill.

The fun silverware is a Fiesta go-along set from about 10 years ago and the napkins are actually the ones from the card party tablesetting a few days ago.

And the pumpkins? They’re orange, they’re cute, need they be more?

All in all I have to say this is pretty good considering how it started : )

No assistants today. Why? Look—->

Abigail : )

These are Abigail’s feet. It’s been raining. Everyone else has similar looking feet so they have a standing invitation to NOT help. Love my girls, not so much their muddy feet : )

Tomorrow – A Fall Feast

257 days to go!!

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