Day 95 – A Fruitful Week

Blue fruit : )

Blue fruit : )

It’s clear that I bought this because of the cherries…but blue? I mean seriously, folks, blue fruit.

I stand by Jeffrey Steingarten’s quote that blue should be reserved for food that has gone bad. I suppose this could go into a late 60′s or early 70′s

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Day 94 – Erica’s birthday!


Today is the birthday of my youngest sister, Erica. If ever there was a girly girl she is it. When she was little she was ALL about pink and glittery things. One year I gave her a tiara for her birthday because she is such a princess : )

This year

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Day 93 – Seafood delight

LOTS of seafood!

LOTS of seafood!

I love the twist on the whole sea theme in this cloth – SO fifties and so cute! The first time I saw this at the flea market I couldn’t decide whether to get it or not. It was a little on the expensive side considering it has some

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Day 92 – A Lemony thicket

Not lemons...

Not lemons…

That’s right, they’re roses not lemons. And very old-lady-grandma roses at that, not really my style but I had an ulterior motive when I bought this. It will make a return appearance later : )

Then I was out walking the dog VERY early and came across a

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Day 91 – My Grandma turns 92!

My Grandma !

My Grandma !

My Grandma Lola turns 92 today – wow! I told her that was pretty cool being the inverse of 29 : )

She told me she doesn’t use numbers anymore but that’s a pretty good number if you ask me so I’d own it. She has some

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Day 90 – Talk like a pirate day!

My hat : )

My hat : )

International ‘Talk Like a Pirate” day is September 19, which is tomorrow, but tomorrow is a super special day so we’re celebrating a day early!

I think I just may need to find an outfit to go with my hat to wear to work :

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Day 89 – Dante’s birthday

Train : )

Train : )

This is what you get when you type in ‘vintage train tablecloth blue’ into the ebay search engine. Linen, hand stitched with love and in beautiful condition. LOVE ebay : )

Why trains? And blue?

It’s September, which in and of itself is Childhood

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