Day 102 – Refrigerator ware part trois in two parts

The perfect combination

This is the perfect combination of my taste with Sue’s – it’s got my red and her pink and blue! This is a recent ebay find, thanks to the Careberry sisters. It did present quite a conundrum today, do I go girly and more pink? Or highlight the blue and red…

Flowers first

I decided to start with the pink and girly and flowers AND more refrigerator ware!

First up were the pink Fiesta dinner plates with the smaller red luncheon plates topped with my favorite red-footed 40′s glass bowls. The girly part are the printed pink lacey glasses and the pink Alstromeria in the gorgeous refrigerator pitcher.All it needs now is some shrimp and cocktail sauce, and then the inevitable invasion by cat and yellow jacket forces, which is why there is no actual food today : )

Love the kitty’s, not so much the biting/stinging creatures.


OR…there is the slightly less girly version that highlights the base of the pedestal glasses a little more, takes out the girly flowers and brings in the always popular hobnail glasses.


Same basic set-up, now with more blue and less flowers. Of course if I could find either some red carnations or dahlias they might be perfect with the setting, too bad the stores were all out.. So which do you prefer? The girly and pink or the more tailored red and blue?

Blue refrigeratorware - love : )

I just LOVE the shape of this piece – enough round to qualify for roundness, enough flat to be practical. I understand and appreciate the practicality of plastic (doesn’t chip or crack, easy to commute with) but honestly, this is so pretty its a shame our fridges are deprived of this ancient art form.

Tomorrow – Hint – it’s all about the cherries…

264 days to go!!

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