Day 101 – Chicken dinner

Chickens on the table

“Chickens on the table” in my house doesn’t refer to something roasted in a pan or on a platter, it means there is a chicken ON the table…as in standing on it : ) We had Pouff hop up for a photo op on day 11, she’s very cute but she’s off hunting bugs or mice.

For the people we have this:

Lots of chickens!

It’s very warm again, but its fabulous out so we might as well stay outside while we can! Fall is definitely on the way and these guys will help ease us into an autumn-state-of-mind.

Dinner time!

We’ve got red, we’ve got ‘orange’ (radioactive red) and yellow vintage Fiesta, we’ve got 40’s red footed pedestal glasses AND an entire flock of chickens ON the table : )

Rooster basket!!

We’ve also got a rooster basket, part of a set of 4 that my Grandma Lola found for me years ago when she worked at a thrift store. They make the cutest bread baskets : )

Chickens on the napkins : )

But if I were forced to choose among the cuteness I’d have to say the napkin ‘rings’, crocheted chickens, are my favorite. These were April Cornell finds, as was the tablecloth, back in the 1990’s. Wow…we can now say 90’s and its vintage…almost.

Chickens with the ball pitcher

These are a close second the the napkin rings…both the chickens and the vintage ball pitcher. The inside of this pitcher is white, not as common as the others in my collection that are the same inside and out.

Don't take my picture.

Stuart is NOT a happy camper today, its just too warm for those with fur coats. That and there is no large pitcher full of milk or bowls of shrimp on this table : )

Stay tuned for the Halloween table settings starting in a little over two weeks as well as details of an interactive venture that YOU can participate in!

265 days to go!!

3 comments to Day 101 – Chicken dinner

  • Angie

    This seemed so subdued compared to the day before but once my eyes adjusted from the techno color of yesterday I really noticed the richness of this setting. I also like the way you put the napkins to resemble the top of a roasters head, which I’m sure you know the name of but I do not. Makes me look forward to some cold weather and warm soup.

  • I’m so sorry, so sorry, so embarrassed to admit that I am now craving fried chicken. This makes me a really bad person, but there it is.
    Setting is SOOO CUTE!!!

  • This is so bright and festive looking! You are reminding me to get out my beloved retro rooster crockery (inherited from my mom who bought it in the 1950s) and actually, you know, USE it sometime….I am a bit afraid to take it out of the cabinet, though,because it is irreplaceable. So maybe I should just buy something similar and new – shopping, yay!

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