Day 100 – It’s a Brady dinner!

Pretty groovy : )

Can you believe this print?! Can you believe it’s NEW?! This is one amazing piece of cotton I found at IKEA, of all places, just this last spring. The graphics and colors of this screamed flower-power-sixties to me, and that led me to the grooviest family I wanted to be a part of back then…The Brady Bunch!

They became my role models – I wanted to be as popular as Marcia, have Jan’s hair, grow up to be as cool and calm as Mrs. Brady and have a maid like Alice to help out : ) Of course the architect husband and expansive house were nice perks. Why so much Brady reminiscing? The show debuted September 26, 1969 : )

Yes, that was a couple of days ago but things were busy, we can still celebrate today : )

Groovy dinner

It’s a polka-dot-flower-power-wonder!

Polka dots...

There is no WAY you could be sad sitting down at this table. Sad, no, but I could see a little sensory overload here, and I only added to it with the Fiesta dishes.

and more polka dots...

The pink, red, purple and chartreuse pieces are all modern, the ‘orange’ (i.e. radioactive red), green and yellow are all vintage Fiesta. I added polka dot napkins in different colors to each place setting and decided on keeping the red bistro silverware because of the silver polka dots in the handles : )

...and MORE polka dots!

The glasses are my latest find at the Treasure Island Flea Market. The blue dot pitcher and the polka dot bowls were from the Alameda Flea Market. There are some feet in the picture…

What are you doing, Stuart?

This is the issue with using real food for a photoshoot – someone always wants in on the action. The temptation here was ‘almost’ as bad as the shrimp.

What? I don't know WHAT you're talking about!

Friday nights used to be the highlight of my week. Not only was it the beginning of the weekend BUT at 8:00 was ‘The Brady Bunch’, followed by ‘Nanny and the Professor’ and then ‘The Partridge Family at 9:00. I made sure I had my homework done, my bath taken, my favorite PJ’s and robe on and I was SET.

It was the best of times : )

Tomorrow – Chicken dinner

266 days to go!! (Can you believe we’ve done 100 days already???)

2 comments to Day 100 – It’s a Brady dinner!

  • Angie

    PYREX! Oh my goodness that is bright, but I think it pays the prefect omage I felt the same way about them years later in rerun. But I didn’t get my homework done before watching them.

  • I’d love to see a “Nanny and the Professor” table. I loved that show. Greatly preferred it to the Bradys, and Nanny was so, so beautiful, elegant, and mysterious.

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