Day 99 – Make a Wish

Make a wish and yellow

This is going to be a very short – today is the 10th Annual World’s Largest Ice Cream Social at Cold Stone Creamery between 5 and 8 pm to benefit the Make-a-Wish organization.

You can get a free 3 ounce ice cream in the super special flavor “Sprinkled with Wishes” ! Find out all about it at

Angie and I decided to run down to our local store and make it an ‘event’, something anyone can easily do : )

Special in a basket : )

Grab a basket, throw in a tablecloth (ours is predominantly yellow since its still Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month), a couple of bowls, spoons and napkins and off you go!

Wisteria : )

The looks you get from your fellow diners at you set your little table is a hoot. This is having dessert in style : ) Although next time I think I’d grab some little plates to put my vintage ice cream cups on…

Make a trip into your local Cold Stone store and make a donation. ALL donations will go to the foundation that grants children with life threatening conditions a wish – for some families it is the trip of a lifetime where they can relax and let their kids be kids while looking toward the future. For others it is a chance to make memories and have a quality of life when they don’t know how long they have left together.

Either way, they need our support. Check them out here:

Tomorrow – It’s a Brady dinner!

267 days to go!!

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