Day 97 – A Carnival Lunch

Marigold Carnival glass

While looking for one thing I found another…and my inspiration for today!

Because Sue and I have so much ‘stuff’ we use things like the picnic baskets and vintage luggage to store smaller items in. Great plan except we sometimes forget what went where. “Have you seen…?” is not an uncommon phrase in our houses, followed by “Oh, so THAT’S where that went!” when we start poking around.

While looking for a certain set of dishes I opened this box and couldn’t resist their bright iridescence : )The tablecloth is a very nice, basic white Battenburg lace from my vet, Dr. Wendy, who gave me a HUGE box of lace items she inherited from her mom. I love these basics : ) The flowers and the lemon meringue tart were the perfect accompaniment to the peach loveliness.I’ve called these dishes peach for years, their technical color is marigold which was the most commonly made color. I don’t know how old these are, all I know is I bought them from a nifty consignment store here in town many years ago and they came from a woman who lived in Rossmoor ( our local and very large retirement community). The people who live there tend not to have junky stuff so these might very well be from the 30’s. Or not…I just loved the color so they came home with me : )The bowls are a different pattern from the plates and cups and saucers. Do I know what pattern? Nope, plowing through the incredible amount of info on this stuff has been more than I’ve wanted to tackle! The glasses are the vintage glasses with the gold rims I found at last months flea market in Alameda from the Front Porch Design ladies. The silverware is my french ivory and the napkins are from my Grandma Lola. The tomatos and nasturtiums are from my garden : ) and the cute little paper parasols in the drinks are basic Cost Plus finds.

Walnut Creek Baking Company yumminess!

That little lemon meringue tart from Walnut Creek Baking Company tastes BETTER than it looks! Brings back fond memories of reading “Amelia Bedelia” from my childhood.

We’re sliding into fall now, getting ready for pumpkin and squash season. This also means Halloween and Thanksgiving : ) We are in the planning stages of doing 13 Halloween table settings along with Day of the Dead so stay tuned!

Tomorrow – Picnic in the park

269 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 97 – A Carnival Lunch

  • Angie

    I love the little doilie under the tart. I have come across a few of them in my findings and never really new what I would use them for, to bad I hadn’t aske you earlier. It would make the wonderful world of pastry even better, like that is even possible

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