Day 96 – Mod breakfast

Mod : )

Once upon a time I wanted some nifty atomic fabric with which to cover my dining room chairs and so I hopped into my little Saturn and drove 5 hours to a fabric store in Los Angeles where fabric was cooler and cheaper (and the price of gas was a non-issue!)

I had scheduled two days of shopping, and then I found this within 10 minutes of being in the store : )

I did cover said chairs, and then recovered them 6 months later when I found a WAY cooler fabric…trust me on this, WAY cooler! But this is still pretty fab and I saved the scraps and look, enough for a small table. Almost like I planned it that way. We are starting out VERY early today with the list of weekend fun, because its the last weekend of the month and time for the Treasure Island Flea Market! Time for breakfast but no time to tarry. Finds await!Breakfast starts with a plethora of purples. Table cloth and napkins are new, as is the heather Fiesta pitcher, blue dinner plate, and the hand blown glasses. The yellow and turquoise plates are vintage Fiesta along with the yellow salt shaker.I love the pop of color the chartreuse cups give this, the color blocking to go with my mod print was tougher than I thought it would be! So many colors, so little room : ) I may have to experiment with this in the future in the lime dining room.

My Stuart guy

Stuart is a most welcome companion today. Here’s hoping the weather cools down. We may not be Texas but Indian summer has hit like a ton of bricks. You know its warm when the hottest city in the country is only about 8-10 degrees warmer than we are! I see lots of iced tea and a nap today : )

Tomorrow – A Carnival Lunch

270 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 96 – Mod breakfast

  • Angie

    Mimosas anyone? I could use a drink to start my morning, oh and eggs benedict. Just because it’s early doesn’t mean you have to rush through a quick breakfast and with a lovely table like that why would you want to.

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