Day 94 – Erica’s birthday!

Today is the birthday of my youngest sister, Erica. If ever there was a girly girl she is it. When she was little she was ALL about pink and glittery things. One year I gave her a tiara for her birthday because she is such a princess : )

This year she wanted a crown but alas, I couldn’t find one. At least not yet…

So I hope a very fancy dessert, with the inspiration of a monument that reminds me of a fancy hat or crown, will do.

Le Tour Eiffel : )

I started piling on layers of cloths on my small round table. First a basic white (that became a cat ‘fort’), then the battenburg lace and finally the harlequin cloth. It is a diamond pattern but when you get it on the table from certain angles it looks like a checkerboard print!On went the cute plates with the logo of the restaurant at the Eiffel Tower (along with the year it opened and the  address!), and just for some girly pink and sparkle a pink petalware plate. The spoons are my french ivory and the glasses…

Check out the glasses!

They have little Eiffel Towers on them too! There is an adorable little store here in town that specializes in french linen, dish and soap imports. These glasses are made at the La Rochere factory that opened in 1475!! They still make glasses with very classic designs imprinted on them like the Provencal bee and a Fleur de Lys. What better way to sip your birthday champagne?

The little Eiffel Tower figure was brought back from France and is covered in glitter. It is very much my sister’s style to have shiny things but covering the table in glitter is impractical and tastes gross if it gets on your cream puff. This is my compromise : )

Why a lamp outside? Why not! Its gives a nice pink glow AND its an Eiffel Tower.

Chunk and Stuart

After the great shrimp debacle of yesterday things were fairly quiet tonight on the assistant front. They were content to hop up and hang out but not much interested in cream puffs, gorgeous as they are.

So Erica, my present to you today is this tablesetting, cream puffs included. Happy Birthday : )

Tomorrow – A Fruitful Week

272 days to go!!

7 comments to Day 94 – Erica’s birthday!

  • Angie

    I’m so glad you put in some pink. I still remember when you told me she had a pink wedding dress. I think that was the first time I had heard of not wearing white. I plan to steel the idea. You think Erica, you think pink. Oh and where did you get those cream puffs? YEEEE- UMMM!

  • Judy Roberson

    This is beautiful nd looks sooo yummy. Happy Birthday Erica…

  • Loran, your website is wonderful! I especially like this one and your tribute to your grandmother.

  • Hector

    Great setting “Pelirroja”! Lauren has been my best sister in law for about 20 years, always creative and assertive. Cracks me up she talks about my wife (her youngest sister) being a princess and a girlie girl, she wore pink today! She loved the checker square, the Paris-related motives and the dessert. Gracias sis in law!

  • Aunt Betty

    Happy birthday Erica…I remember the day you were born at Mt. Zion.. our crew was on their way to Los Angeles (can’t recall why) but we waited for your safe arrival…have a great day…

  • Thank you Lidian! My cats and chickens are an integral part of my family. They tend to ‘swirl about the feet’ rather than sit : ) And they were SO made at me yesterday when I wouldn’t give them the shrimp,I think that’s why they’re giving me the cold shoulder in these pics. Maybe I should do a whole cat table, clearly I can bribe them with shrimp!

  • I have been having SO much fun catching up with your gorgeous table settings! And your cats obviously appreciate them too ;) Our cat loves to sit at the table with us when we eat – in fact you MUST pull out a chair for her or else she whines and puts her paws on your leg to remind you that she needs to sit too.

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