Day 93 – Seafood delight

LOTS of seafood!

I love the twist on the whole sea theme in this cloth – SO fifties and so cute! The first time I saw this at the flea market I couldn’t decide whether to get it or not. It was a little on the expensive side considering it has some pretty good stains on it (signs of happy feasts?) and there were many other things to pay attention to.

A couple months later, perusing this same booth, I found it hiding in a box and decided that it MUST come home with me. There are several items on this table that I love – starting with the seafood servers. They are the wonderful bamboo pattern and were amongst the 120+ pieces I found at Salvation Army. These are a two piece set – the liner that holds the shrimp and the glass it sits in.The glass holds ice to keep the shrimp cold : ) The truly amazing thing was finding seven sets of these at Salvation Army, all with liners intact and NO chips or cracks!These were most likely served with cocktail sauce but for this table that’s the wrong color : ) I put the shrimp servers on a vintage yellow Fiesta plate, which is on top of a modern rose plate that sits on a seamist green plate. I picked up the pink in the silverware and the yellow in a vintage napkin.The wine glasses are the same bamboo pattern and the water glasses are more sea friends – sea horses from Bruce at the flea market : )Bruce specializes in all things Hawaiian – shirts, posters and art work, small household items like lamps etc. He had these last time and my mom got a super deal buying these, an acrylic light that looks a little like an octopus and a lucite candelholder. Originally I had four glasses but we had a little boo-boo:


Definitely NOT a good thing.

Which leads to an old axiom – never work with kids or animals. Do you know what its like to bring home shrimp the size of a small child and then put them in glasses outside on a really warm day?

First came Max...

Instant guests : )

followed by Ashton...

Of the four legged and flying sort.

and finally Stuart!

After throwing everyone off the table at least half a dozen times I finally took one of the crustaceans and pulled it apart to feed to the feline raptors. This appeased them only slightly and I’m sure they called the Humane Society.

“Hello, Humane Society, how may we help you?”

“My mom put big shrimp out on OUR table and won’t let us have any, she keeps putting us down on the ground and we can’t get to the shrimp!!”

“I’ll send an agent right out!”

Sigh…turns out they didn’t want to EAT the shrimp, merely lick them to death. Kitties…

Tomorrow – Erica’s birthday!

273 days to go!!

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