Day 92 – A Lemony thicket

Not lemons...

That’s right, they’re roses not lemons. And very old-lady-grandma roses at that, not really my style but I had an ulterior motive when I bought this. It will make a return appearance later : )

Then I was out walking the dog VERY early and came across a couple of gardeners clipping a huge thicket of lantana WAY back. So far back that the pile of branches on the ground was a high as I am tall and the smell…oh the smell… I brought home as much as I could bundle up and still hang onto the dog, put them in vases in the dining room and went about my day. As I walked back through the house a few minutes later the smell was (to quote Rachel Zoe) IN-SANE!!!I would walk outside just to walk back in for the smell! A little while later I was at my favorite bakery, the Walnut Creek Baking company, and was in a tug-of -war at the counter. Chocolate or lemon, chocolate or lemon? Oh my goodness, lemon, amazingly, won : )

Lemon : )

It’s art on a plate.

I had also gone to the farmers market and picked up some golden raspberries and sweet peas so the table was a feast of smells in support of the edible art : )The small gold-rimmed plates are a gift from Allison from Home 101 as she was closing. Thanks Allison : ) They have lots of friends now and go beautifully with the glasses I got from the Front Porch Design women at the Alameda Flea market as well as the tea set that didn’t picnic at Gatsby : ( Maybe next year…

Isn't it pretty?

The flowers are in white Fiesta vases and the cute little cake plate? Can’t remember, maybe Crate and Barrel. Good thing I only have one child, makes it easy to remember her name : ) The silverware is the french ivory from Sur la Table and the napkins are the vintage ones from my Grandma.

Whose nose is that?

How did it taste? BETTER than all the flowers smelled! And I had a guest. Apparently my cats have an unusual fondness for all things lemon. One used to SIT on the cooling lemon cookies so he could eat them! Needless to say he only did that once but it was hysterical to watch him hook a paw under the dish towel, snag a cookie, lick it mid-air and drop it on the floor for others to share in the bounty.

Today Stuart hopped up to check things out. He was more interested in the capture than the kill so the tart is all mine : )

If you’re in the area go check out the goodies at WCBC:

Oh, and just so you know, I knew we were having chocolate cake with my grandma so the need for chocolate wasn’t as pressing as it might have been. Don’t worry, there is PLENTY of chocolate in the future!

And just for fun, this day in 1973 Billie Jean King KICKED Bobbie Rigg’s chauvinistic little behind : )

Tomorrow – Seafood delight

274 days to go!!

2 comments to Day 92 – A Lemony thicket

  • Angie

    I can not believe that your daughter, what ever her name is, did not comment on this post. Since I am behind a few days and it is raining today this looks like a make believe place that is too good to be true. I love the smell of lemon, and to think I could have a lovely weekend snack with beatuful dishes and my boyfriend Stuart warms my heart.

  • that’s interesting, I HATE the smell of lantana, and I like most floral smells a lot. Wonder what that’s about.
    :-) Love the lemony goodness!

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