Day 91 – My Grandma turns 92!

My Grandma !

My Grandma Lola turns 92 today – wow! I told her that was pretty cool being the inverse of 29 : )

She told me she doesn’t use numbers anymore but that’s a pretty good number if you ask me so I’d own it. She has some pretty amazing china – I’ve seen it in her china cabinet all my life but I don’t think we’ve ever used it. If we did I was so little I was probably at the ubiquitous kids table so I wouldn’t remember anyway.

I started with one of my favorite tablecloths, the blue with the gold ‘cherries’ I used in day 30. Blue is my grandmother’s favorite color and the touch of gold in it went perfectly with her Haviland collection.This is just amazing stuff. Paper thin, with gold curlicue edges, there are two sets here. The set below has a letter “K” monogrammed for Kleinsorge, that family that raised my grandfather. He was raised by a foster family who had a daughter a little older than he was, named Mabel. Mabe’s father had two ‘old maid sisters’ who bought the Haviland china. I think the story is one bought a set and the other saw it, didn’t want to be outdone, so she bought a similar set.

Mabel married Jack, and they moved into her father’s house, who by this time had died. Apparently there was a fair amount of ‘bickering’ between all the relatives so Jack moved from Sacramento to San Francisco and got a job. When the ‘spinster’ aunts eventually passed away Mabe inherited everything, including the china.

I think its stunning but  I don’t know if I would have put up with the amount of ‘quarreling’ my grandmother describes just to inherit it! Life is too short…

The silverware in this picture is my grandmother’s ‘everyday’ silverware, the silver plate, that she got as a wedding present. The silverware in the picture above is her ‘good’ sterling silverware, both very feminine and both VERY much my grandmother!

When my grandparents eventually moved to Claremont and bought a house they were deemed ‘worthy’ enough to have some of the china so they picked it up and took it home.

Frankly, if I were around people who did nothing but ‘quarrel’ all the time I’m not sure I’d want to use it! Each piece is a little work of art, to be sure. When I looked up Haviland I discovered that if you’re trying to figure out IF you have Haviland and what pattern it may be they will actually tell you to go to ebay and look through the listings! (Trying that I found over 15,000 listings for Haviland china) According to one website there are between 30,000 and 60,000 patterns!!

Intricate stuff, involved history…aren’t family stories enlightening and entertaining?

This is how I remember my grandparents:

SO cute!

 Happy Birthday Grams!

She always thought nine was her lucky number being born on 9/19/19. She has two kids, 6 grand kids,8 great-grand kids, about a million friends AND she plays the ukelele and a mean game of dominos, I’d say that’s pretty cool : )

Tomorrow -A Lemony thicket

275 days to go!!

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