Day 89 – Dante’s birthday

Train : )

This is what you get when you type in ‘vintage train tablecloth blue’ into the ebay search engine. Linen, hand stitched with love and in beautiful condition. LOVE ebay : )

Why trains? And blue?

It’s September, which in and of itself is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, but its also the birthday of a very special little boy by the name of Dante. Dante loved trains, especially Thomas the Tank. He also loved the color blue like in his chair –

Dante with his Thomas blanket : )

Dante was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, one of the 12 most common childhood cancers, when he was 15 months old. He fought for over a year, and then took his last breath on January 6, 2009. Today would have been his fifth birthday.

In honor of Dante, we have Thomas and cupcakes : )If you were five and loved Thomas wouldn’t you love to have him on your table? I would! I know kids don’t really see the table cloth, that’s for the mommys : ) What they would see is the cupcakes and the train to play with…and the ice cream…

I pulled out the vintage blue fiesta plates for cupcakes and small modern red Fiesta bowls for ice cream. There isn’t any ice cream in the bowls because the moment I turned my back SOMEONE helped themselves to some icing:

What happened here?

Of course by the time I came back no one had anything to say but there was a lot of lip smacking going on.

When it started to get dark I lit a candle in remembrance –And Stuart hopped up to check things out. He was very respectful of the table, didn’t try to eat a cupcake or play with the little Thomas train even though it chugs around the track!

Remember, 7 kids a day die from cancer. Some days it seems we know three or four of them. I can only imagine how hard today will be on his parents. They are amazing people and I hope I honor their little boy. No parent should have to celebrate their child’s fifth birthday without him.

Sweet boy

Now here’s the nifty little back story of this tablecloth – I bought it on ebay from a very nice woman from whom I’ve purchased items in the past. She enclosed a note as she shipped it:

The stationary she used is from St. Jude’s Hospital, one of the top research centers in the U.S. “St. Jude is the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for treatment not covered by insurance. No child is ever denied treatment because of the family’s inability to pay”.

The universe works in mysterious ways.

To all the families battling this beast, I dedicate this to you and most especially Trooper Dante’s family. Our hearts are with you today. Wear blue and white or yellow in honor of Dante and all the kids fighting cancer. Send me a picture of you and I’ll not only post the pics on our facebook page but enter you in a drawing to win the tablecloth! (Enter through the end of September. Questions? Post a note below.)

You can learn more about St. Jude’s  and their Chili’s fundraiser here,:

Hug your kids today, its all you’re guaranteed : )

Cancer sucks.

Tomorrow – Talk like a pirate day!

277 days to go

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