Day 88 – Tea with the ‘kids’

Cute eh?

The week started out so quiet, and ended up LOUD and crazy! To combat some of the crazy I thought late afternoon tea outside, while the weather is still wonderful, would be a lovely way to start the weekend.

My ‘family’ had other ideas : )

Tea time!

I started out with this adorable cloth from a very nice ebay seller. It’s just plain happy and makes me  want to work in the kitchen when I see it ( weird huh?). I’m groovin’ on the lime green and red combo but LOVE the grey and splashes of yellow in there.

All the Fiesta is modern, from the chartreuse to the grey to the red. The  vintage items are the little Harlequin yellow bowl and the bakelite silverware. Apparently bakelite silverware is an animal attractant because the moment it hit the table Ashton showed up:

Aren't I pretty?

He was quickly followed by ‘The Girls” – my committee of chickens. They decided to come hang out for tea but wanted bugs, not cookies. Mila and Abigail are at the top and Prudence has her back to Ashton. Then Minnie showed up…

The Girls!

 But where is Stuart?

Here's Stuart!

Naturally he had to be in on the action. It looks like ALL of us are going to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. Not a bad way to end the week really.Just remember to slow down and smell the flowers : )

Tomorrow – Dante’s birthday

278 days to go!!

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