Day 87 – Red, grey and forget-me-nots

Working with the red yesterday was so nice I felt like continuing the trend. This cloth was a cutter, meaning it has ‘issues’, some pretty big issues at that.

Holes, stains and tears…but it also has red, grey, a pretty fabulous bow-filled middle and an adorable scallop border. Poor thing, it just needs some love : )

Some love : )

The nice thing about using lots of ‘stuff’ on the table is that you can cover a host of sins. The plates carefully cover many of the smaller holes, the glasses some gravy stains and the angle of the shot the rest : )

Clearly, though, the reason I love it is the red and grey combo.

While I had lots of accessories to use I like being able to see so much of the print of the cloth. The swoops along the border are held by bouquets of flowers and the center is all bows – there’s my 80′s showing : )

What I find most fascinating about this print is that it looks like something for a wedding table, but who would want red and grey for their wedding colors? (Me)

The only vintage pieces on the table today, besides the cloth and napkins, are the plaid dishes and my favorite hobnail glasses. The red, white and grey Fiesta is all modern as is the red bistro silverware.’

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Ashton : )

It’s Ashton kitty : ) He, too, knows he can usually swipe a sip from my glass so he came up to check them all out.He looks a little loopy in this picture – he was moving around so much I had a hard time focusing! He’s fairly used to cameras, we found him when he was about 24 hours old so he’s heard the click of a camera most of his life. He also knows he’s exceptionally beautiful : )

Tomorrow – Tea with the ‘kids’

279 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 87 – Red, grey and forget-me-nots

  • Angie

    I think the problem with the cutter table clothes is that they were loved and that is why they are destined for greater things, but it is good to see them in their original glory one more time.

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