Day 86 – Sunflowers and Refrigerator-ware Part Deux

Haven’t played with red, blue and yellow for a while, and the sunflowers still look amazing. Before we slide into fall I thought it would be nice for a little more summer : )

Dinner at dusk

I’m almost sure I found this tablecloth on ebay. SO much good stuff there, so little time…

There’s my favorite blue, that delphinium, which just happens to match my newly found refrigerator ware. Sunflowers, refrigerator ware, sunflowers, refrigerator ware…they had to meet.

So they met...

I played with the colors here for a bit but decided that the blue really needed to shine so I ditched everything else but the red and yellow. As usual the red is all modern Fiesta while the yellow is all vintage, except for my sixty-nine cent IKEA bowls : )

and lived happily ever after!

The pieces that really pull this all together are the glasses – the Fiesta go-alongs that are the perfect color combo! The vintage napkins and red bistro silverware certainly hold strong supporting roles : )

Since these are our everyday glasses and someone is used to getting drinks out of my glass, guess who hopped up:

Hi mom, I love you : )

Yup, Stuart. He was very happy to see me and cuddle. Although he’s looking a little annoyed that the glasses are empty. Ah well, can’t have everything, kitty guy.

Tomorrow – Red, grey and forget-me-nots

280 days to go!!

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