Day 85 – Acorn delight

Look at all the acorns!

Sometimes inspiration literally drops out of the sky.

I was standing out on the back porch just relishing the weather when bonk! I was hit in the head by an acorn. Some years we have a few, some years they drop off the tree by the hundreds. This is shaping up into one of those take-an-umbrella-outside-with-you otherwise-you-get-hurt kinds of seasons!

The full acorn : )

So I took my cue from nature and dug out an acorn cloth. Yet another find from Nadine, this came complete with four napkins. The print runs diagonally and is just beautiful.I pulled out the seamist green Fiesta, layered it with a pearl grey salad plate and topped it with my IKEA bowls. The grey ball pitcher is vintage as are the yellow Fiesta salt & pepper shakers.The silverware is vintage bakelite, the glasses are what I call ‘boomerang’ glasses and I only have one in each color. I keep looking for more : ) This way you can choose where to sit and if need be fight for your favorite glass.

I threw the sunflowers back on the table because A) they’re sunflowers B) they’re still in amazing form and C) they’re sunflowers!

My guy Stuart!

Stuart came back to supervise today. I didn’t realize Minnie was hanging out on the lounge (that’s that dark lump on the left side) until he kicked her off. He loves glasses, but he loved the real acorns even more. He helped me move them around, and when they didn’t go ‘just so’ he took them away : ) Thanks for the help, kitty guy!

Tomorrow – Sunflowers and Refrigerator-ware Part Deux

281 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 85 – Acorn delight

  • Angie

    i’m enjoying the patter of this table cloth. I don’t think I have seen many diagonal patterns but then again I haven’t seen many table clothes. I have a feeling with a cloth this cute we will see it again.

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