Day 83 – TV Dinner #2

Coral and snowflakes?

So 50’s, so fab : )

After a long day of outdoor work, it feels like taking some time to watch a few specials about Patriot day is a good way to wind down the week. For our generation, this is our Pearl Harbor or JFK assasination. We all remember where we were and what we were doing. While our whole world changed, its nice to have something from a happier time to get us through.

So its dinner in the tv room with a few amentities : )

Big tv, comfy couch, cha cha trays to eat off of and a plethora of Fiesta ware.The persimmon and white Fiesta are modern, the silverware was designed to match perfectly and the blue plate is vintage Fiesta. The charming glass came from Restoration Hardware years ago when they did re-releases of popular vintage items.

This set-up should take us through dinner and homemade ice cream for dessert, left over from the picnic today : )

Be kind to one another, watch out for each other, sometimes just reaching out a hand can make a huge difference. And if you can, I highly recommend hugging a cat or dog : )

Tomorrow – Gatsby picnic

283 days to go!!

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