Day 81 – Back to school

Wake up!

This is the cutest chicken cloth – chickens and roosters and schoolhouses, from the wondrous Nadine at the Alameda Flea Market.

It seemed fitting to celebrate the first week back to school!

It has cooled down a bit but still nicely warm. Time to put feet up and toast the end of the week.

I actually pulled the rooster salt & pepper shakers first, a present from my vet since we both share a love of chickens. Thanks Dr. Wendy!

The sunflowers are full and bright, the rooster is chasing the hen and the yard is full of cats…

For the moment the mayhem on the table is enough : ) Vintage yellow Fiesta holds the red salad plate and my fifty-nine cent IKEA bowls (LOVE those things!). The pitcher is current Fiesta, the sugar bowl vintage Harlequin.

Check out the napkins & the glasses!

My FAVORITE things of all, however, are the vintage rooster juice glasses AND the napkins with the sweet little apples. The napkins were in a basket o’ stuff and junk at Nadine’s booth a couple months ago. The glasses I found years ago at Ferry Street Antiques in Martinez. They will definitely have to come play again.While I was taking pics tonight I had the glass on the table and inadvertently came up with this:

Roosters being roosters : )

Roosters, chickens, cats…they were all running amok tonight.


Stuart hopped up and staked out his place. Ashton and Minnie took one look at him and ran off, and Stuart took a long nap on the winners table : )

285 days to go!!

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