Day 78 – A Celebration of Refrigerator ware

More fruit : )

Now how do we get from berries and cherries to refrigerator ware?

The answer is not in the berries but in the background…That BLUE!! The blue in this cloth is the perfect shade of blue, matching my newly acquired refrigerator ware! Waaayyyyy back…when you bought a refrigerator you might also get some gorgeous storage containers, depending on the style and manufacturer of the fridge.

These were made by Hall, this color is Delphinium and my favorite. This particular Water Server was made “Exclusively for Montgomery Ward”.  The advertising of the time talks about the benefits of these containers – “They were especially designed…to provide maximum storage capacity with maximum cold air circulation. You should use similar storage dishes.”I found my piece at the Alameda Flea Market this last weekend. The woman at this booth has table after table after table of goodies and had just put these out and I said “Oooohhhhhhhh….” They are in GREAT shape and there are two other friends that will be showing up in the near future : )It’s all about the strong colors today. The modern red Fiesta plates and bowls teamed up with vintage yellow fiesta plates. The creamer and sugar are vintage Harlequin and the striped glasses are modern Fiesta go-alongs. The nectarine in the picture? That was actually my lunch but it was such a great color that it stayed in until I was done shooting.

Up close of the Water Server : )

This is in fabulous shape as is the lid. I may need to clear off an entire shelf somewhere just to hold the blue pieces.

Stuart checking out my glass - no water!

Stuart knows my glasses generally contain water and he frequently helps himself. Today he was fooled by the empty glasses! Poor Stuart…

If you want to check out more articles about Refrigerator ware here is a great link:

You can find the different colors and styles here, as well as some of the history. I can only imagine what a fully outfitted fridge back then could have looked like…

Tomorrow – Flamingo pink (and bows)

288 days to go!!

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