Day 77 – An outdoor bed…yes!!

Pretty violets : )

It started out so simply. This delightful cup and saucer with the violets was a present from my friend Caolifhionne (for those of you who don’t speak Gaelic just say Kee-lyn and you’re good). It has a small plate perfect for a scone or croissant so it seemed like an easy thing, to want breakfast in bed with this set and fill the cup with hot chocolate.


We FINALLY got the outside bed…well, outside. Set with linens from our good friend April Cornell this is where I love to go first thing in the morning to read and eat breakfast.

...time to eat.

Fresh croissant on the matching violet plate, fresh raspberry jam that Angie and I made yesterday and the gorgeous cup waiting for liquid chocolate yumminess. Throw it all on a small white porcelain tray from Tar-jay and you’re good to go.

Food AND a good book!

This is MY idea of a perfect vacation morning! A book by one of my favorite authors from my childhood, Margaret Sutton, who wrote the Judy Bolton series, and chocolate. While everyone else was reading Nancy Drew books a neighbor of ours lent me her Judy Boltons. They had the same mystery and romance as a Nancy Drew but Judy starts out 16 and grows up, gets married AND solves mysteries! I’m re-reading these getting inspiration for our 1930′s picnic coming up next weekend.

First there's Max...

Talk about diversions – first Max hopped up to check out the food. He found the little french ivory spoon fascinating since he’s usually not allowed up where the spoons live.

...then comes Chunk.

Then Chunk heard on the cat telepathic network that toys and food were available so he came to check it out.

I smell jam.

The joy of all this exploration are the bits of leaves and bark they bring with them on their little cat feet.  It shows up nicely on the white and means you have presents in your hair to pull out all day long : )

Tomorrow – A celebration of Refrigerator ware

289 days to go!!

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