Day 76 – An outdoor bed…not!

Despite my efforts at doing an outdoor bed setting, I was not able to complete my mission : )

There were several issues, some technical, and by the third “this just isn’t working” incident you pretty much resign yourself to the fact that it’s time to move on for the moment. There will be some more work done today to make the outdoor bed happen…

Wisteria lunch

Instead we have this gorgeous wisteria lunch for a post-flea market meal. I actually found this tablecloth a couple of months ago from the lovely ladies at Q-13 at the Alameda Flea Market. I saw them again today and thanked them for their taste and deals : )Pulling out my purple items I quickly realized the purple in this are very red-based, whereas the plum Fiesta is very blue-based. The pearl grey Fiesta is great, topped with the purple glass pasta bowl (pasta for lunch with tomatos from Angie’s yard!) and set off with the grey plaid bowl and cup & saucer. The plum Fiesta silverware played well with the others but my favorite piece is the heather Fiesta pitcher. I didn’t buy much heather but I love it here.'s Stuart...

Stuart now hears the clink of the plates and comes running. He was one of the ‘technical difficulties’ of the day.  He was so happy for his spot on the table that I left him to take a nap and I’ll probably have to kick him off later when I actually want to eat : )

Tomorrow – An outdoor bed take 2! I swear….

290 days to go!!!

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