Day 75 – A quiet classical breakfast

I just found this on ebay – loved it not only for its blue/grey simplicity but also for its balance of design. It also reminds me of something classically Greek which I tend to like for it’s symmetry and balance.

Wow…sounds like school started!

Before the goodies go on...

This was most likely a bridge tablecloth, it’s the right size and came with four small napkins! LOVE it when we get the matching napkins. Here you can see the borders before all the dishes go on.

Goodies on!

Is it time to eat yet? It’s very early and the cats have eaten so now they’re swirling around my feet and dancing through the flowers chasing bugs. They can’t WAIT until the people sit down!Yes, generally blues are Sue’s thing but this just happens to match my Lipton tea set by Hall so I just HAD to get it. Since the Alameda Flea Market is tomorrow one of the first things on my list is to see if I can find some dishes to match, that tea set needs some friends!

Is it breakfast yet?

While the blue Fiesta is close its still a little on the grey side, but it looks very nice with the pearl grey salad plate and my Italian cup and saucer finds from Goodwill. Check out the little napkins : )

Whose face is that?

Someone has decided that his help is required to speed up the process…

Hi Stuart : )

Mr. Morning himself has come to see how things are going. I know I’m ready for tea and fruit. One of my favorite new shows is on Animal Planet, “My Cat from Hell”. Jackson Galaxy (one smart guy and a hoot to watch!) says when a cat first wakes up it wants to kill something, eat, bathe and go back to sleep. Stuart has eaten but is in the middle of stalking squirrels (don’t worry, he can’t actually get one…), soon he’ll bathe and curl up in my lap or on my shoulder. Kind of like having a baby with really sharp nails again…

Today is the start of Labor Day weekend, have a fabulous holiday!

Tomorrow – An outdoor bed

291 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 75 – A quiet classical breakfast

  • Angie

    I say you just move the plates out of the way once breakfast is over and pull out the cards before it gets to hot. I’m reminded of how much D and I used to love to do that, play some cards outside when it was just cooling off or just warming up. Thanks for the happy memory.

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