Day 74 – Strawberry Fields


It’s still summer here in California – its in the 90′s right now! The strawberries looked so good at the store that they were the influence today.

Besides, I get to play with red and green : )Even though we hit the low 90′s it cools off pretty quick when the sun gets behind the trees. Nothing better than a quiet dinner by the pond.

I started out with a cloth by our friend April Cornell – a small breakfast cloth full of fruit : )Since this reminds me of a watercolor I wanted to keep the dishes light and delicate as well. I started with green depression glass, the larger plates are the block design and the smaller plates have cherries imprinted on them! I topped these off with the adorable red footed bowls from the 40′s and topped THOSE off with fresh strawberries!

Berries galore!

I love the texture of my hobnail glasses so they came to play, as did some avian friends…

Avian friends : )

I found these quite wonderful rooster-and-hen salt & pepper shakers at the 127 Yard Sale in the middle of Kentucky. I bought these at the same place I found the little duck figurine in day 69. The gentleman who had these had a LOT of stuff, mostly larger and older than these little guys. He asked me what I thought of a dollar for the set and I told him I thought that was just fine : )

This was also the place I bought the ‘cemetary flags’ and just before my mom and I had the great Amish pie adventure…

You can read about the flags in day 69 but the pie adventure…that’s all for another day!

292 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 74 – Strawberry Fields

  • Angie

    Now that it is back to the 90′s today those looks so good I’m willing to take a trip out in this heat for some myself. Or maybe just have some Stephieberry jam instead.

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