Day 73 – Turquoise Dogwood

If it's turquoise...

It must be Sue’s : ) And it is. Turquoise with white and grey dogwood, and the PERFECT new set of dishes to go on this! must be Sue's!

While at the Alameda Flea Market last month, first she came across the set we used in day 59. That was the first find of the day but THIS set was the BIG find of the day!

Pottery galore!

She found a 60 plus piece set of this glorious dishware. Some were grey, some were turquoise, all looked like they’d never been used. We ‘think’ they’re Monterey pottery but they’re tough to track down. The bowls were in their original boxes but with no other marking than their color name.

(And check out the chairs that go with her table – all vintage!)

We couldn’t decide if we liked the turquoise bowl on the grey salad plate on the grey dinner plate OR…

the reverse!

We loved my turquoise silverware from the 127 Yard Sale, and check out those glasses!

Paisley love : )

Turquoise and gold and paisley’s…just so fun! The coffee server is stunning, as are the sweet little cream & sugar set. Most pieces of this set came in both colors except these.

The problem with some of the pieces was the glazes – they tended to be very  different colors. Sometimes the grey was quite purple, sometimes quite yellow. There were two sets of these, however:Amazing salt and peppers! We both love the swoops of the 50’s modern style and had a hard time deciding which to use today. That’s ok, we have LOTS more days and opportunities to bring these back out : )

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month – watch for lots of yellow and join us for special remembrances.

Tomorrow – Strawberry Fields

293 days to go!!

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