Day 71 – Pink girly bows

Pink bows : )

So once again my 80′s side comes out…pink and grey and bows. All we need to really complete the picture is lace bows, do we all remember those fashion statements? Laura Ashley could do no wrong, ‘Victoria’ magazine was the BEST and if it stood still long enough, I probably put a bow on it : )The interesting thing about the tablecloth – I don’t think it’s a ‘first’. If you look at the registration of the corner (the first pic)  you can see how ‘off’ the pink is on the white, how it goes a bit into the grey. When I first looked at these pictures they made me a little dizzy until I realized it was the print of the cloth, not me! I found this at the Alameda Flea Market a few months ago, one of the busiest days I’ve EVER seen in a decade of shopping there. The vendor that had it also had the napkins, but the napkins were in a separate box and when I paid I don’t think they realized the two went together! On top of it the napkins were never used so double score for me : )

Pink and roses : )

The Fiesta is all modern in my favorite rose and pearl grey, the plaid is my other favorite grey set that I found at Salvation Army and the pink lace glasses (WAIT,  there IS lace on the table!!) were from Alley Cats in Martinez. And the roses?

Stuart and the roses

Stuart loved the roses…but it took me a while to figure out exactly why. When I bought these I arranged them in the vase and then kept them in the fridge while I set everything up. In the meantime it got really warm outside but the roses were really cold from their fridge vacation, so he was actually snuggling up against the glass vase! I have to wonder if he learned that trick from the bunnies : )

When I figured that out I just left him to nap.The roses were pretty, even if they were ‘cool’. I waited until dark to see how this would all play out.Pretty cool…

Tomorrow – Purple Elegance

295 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 71 – Pink girly bows

  • Angie

    I like how this plays very different in the 2 lights. the morning sun makes it look like a great brunch with mother-in-law, if you like doing that sort of thing, the night version looks very romanitc like a suprise dinner after a hard week just to say I know you work hard. Interesting.

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