Day 70 – Nasturtium Lunch

Hot colors for a hot day

I so loved the flowers from yesterday that I HAD to pair them with something else and this little gem is just a random napkin. Nadine from the Alameda Flea Market had a basket of napkins, mostly singles, and I pounced on this one!

It had a couple of friends as well….

Friends : )

It seemed only fitting that all that color and pattern needed to be the center of attention so I started with a plain white cotton tablecloth.

More friends

Once again, everything on the table is vintage except for the silverware! The yellow Fiesta plates, the grey plaid bowls and salad plates, the small radioactive red dessert plates…all vintage. The ball pitcher was an ebay find and I love the fact that the inside is white to contrast with the orange outside. My favorite Hobnail glasses with the red trim put in an appearance : )The silverware is the older style go-along Fiesta in persimmon.

There are actual nasturtiums on the table although they blend so well with the printed ones they’re hard to see!  They are edible so I’ll be adding them to my salad at lunch, along with some of the yellow tomatos that are FINALLY ripening. There’s the good thing about the heat, the tomatos love it. The rest of the creatures…not so much. Even Stuart hid in the shade. But this was by far the cutest one -

Warm Ashton : )

The orange kitty usually likes to be around when there are orange things going on the table. Instead, he was doing his impersonation of an oak floor and using my shoe for a pillow : )

Here’s hoping tomorrow is under 95!

Tomorrow – Pink girly bows

296 days to go!!

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