Day 69 – Dots & a duck

Cool polka dots...

Today’s inspiration isn’t a tablecloth, its a glass. I’m a HUGE fan of complementary colors like this – the best explanation I’ve heard of ‘complementary ‘ is “They are opposite, yet they require each other…they bring out the best in each other”.

They certainly do : )

...and a cute duck : )

The little glasses were the jumping off point. I originally wanted to use them on my mom’s birthday since she loves the turquoise/orange combo, then I found the floral cloth at Nadine’s booth and that was that.

These caught my eye in the cabinet today and I thought they’d make a fabulous breakfast table.I have to say it turned out better than I thought, I LOVE this!

The only thing NOT vintage on this table is the silverware, which is the modern persimmon Fiesta go-along. The rest is all vintage – turquoise salad plates, cups and teapot and radioactive red dinner plates, saucers and salt & pepper. Check out the ‘vase’ the flowers are in – its the turquoise boomerang glass.And then there is a duck : ) I love ducks, I used to have a duck. We no longer have the duck, which makes me a little sad, she could herd cats like nothing else I’ve ever seen!

I found this little guy at the 127 Yard Sale. We stopped next to a large field, parked on the shoulder and walked down a gravel road. It was clear a couple of the vendors had consignment stores at some point, they were well organized and had LOTS of stuff. The gentleman I bought this from was a little flustered, a little tired and very overwhelmed by the heat and humidity. He apologetically asked if fifty cents was fair and I could hardly dig the quarters out fast enough.

We also learned a couple things about cemeteries. 1) If you see a flower shop in the middle of nowhere, look for the cemetery. All cemeteries we saw used plastic or silk flowers, no real. One cemetery had all the same color arrangements, I wondered if a wedding party had donated their flowers. 2) These people take decorating their cemeteries seriously. Even in the middle of nowhere lawns were mowed, edges trimmed and flags flown. Puts a couple of our local cemeteries to shame.  3) When you find a box of flags that need to go on sticks they most likely are to decorate graves and if you say you’re using them as decoration at home you get glared at. They still take your money but look at you like you’ve grown a second head.

I mention this because I bought a stack of flags at the same site I bought this duck. It was a memorable stop : ) I kind of liked the way this looked – with everything stacked.

Stuart is back!

Stuart came back to supervise today, he also wanted to play with the roses. I have to admit that these smell AMAZING. I’m thinking a few more orange tablesettings are in order to take advantage of these before Stuart eats them : )

Tomorrow – Nasturtium lunch

297 days to go!!

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