Day 67 – Fruit galore

Fruit and bright colors : )

We’re back in my comfort zone – fruit AND bright colors! I figured I owed it to myself after the green/pink of yesterday. I found this gem on ebay while looking for “vintage red tablecloths”. Try it sometime – that combination of words usually brings up between 300 and 400 items to look at which gives you enough choice without being overwhelmed.


I especially like the grey ‘lattice’ pattern in the background. It sets off the colors of the fruit and gives it a good foundation for all that color…cherries, strawberries, plums and grapes : )

...and bold!

I started with the grey plaid plates from Salvation Army, added the scarlet Fiesta lunch plates and yellow vintage Fiesta and topped it with the 40’s red footed bowls. The cups & saucers are all vintage except for the scarlet cup. The periwinkle and yellow salt & pepper shakers are Harlequin. But I couldn’t decide which salt & pepper shakers I liked better! Here are the Fiesta scarlet and vintage green. The yellow creamer and blue sugar bowl are also Harlequin so its a toughie.I really liked the grey so I used grey vintage napkins and pulled out my grey ball pitcher. The striped glasses are vintage and the silverware is my red french bistro set from Cost Plus (although Williams-Sonoma has a pretty good set right now!).

I had a new assistant today:


The grey dog decided she like the grey on the table and watched as I placed everything VERY carefully. It’s a lot of work, walking back and forth like that! As the camera clicked away she decided a nap was in order : )

Tomorrow – Dinner with Calder

299 days to go!!! (we’re under 300!)

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