Day 66 – Pink Thai dinner

Green & pink grandma time!

This tablecloth has literally been in my way for months. Why it hasn’t been packed away to use in the future is a mystery – this is one of those ‘cutter’ cloths that I bought for a few dollars. It’s a ‘California Hand Print’ and the person I got it from had bought it on ebay with the understanding that it was in very good shape. Alas, when she received it that was not the case : (

She just wanted to get rid of it and now it’s MY challenge. Today is the day.I really like green -look at the color of my dining room! But I just wasn’t feeling the green love in this today. The whole pink idea was much more intriguing so I dug into my stacks of pink depression glass.It was tough to see the pink glass against a field of greens so I started with my pink Fiesta plates. They act as the ‘frame’ and let the glass sparkle. The small plates, cups & saucers, creamer & sugar and the shorter pink glasses are all Petalware. This was THE very first pattern I started to collect and I love it. It may be going to the Gatsby picnic : )The napkins came from my Grandma and are most likely 80’s – which is now considered ‘vintage’ by many flea market standards…which just seems wrong on several levels but there we are. The silverware is the french ivory from Sur la Table. I almost pulled out my pink bistro set but liked the contrast of the beige.

And my favorite piece of the whole table:

Pink Thai Lady : )

She is what cinched the whole pink deal : ) She is actually an old TV light – the bulb is around back. She is SO cute and was the perfect accent on this very pink (and green) table. Because of her there is going to be green curry, pad thai, coconut soup, shrimp skewers, green papaya salad and a ton of rice hitting these dishes soon. Not to mention sticky rice with mango : )

Once again, challenge met. Now I can pack this one away for a while!

Tomorrow – Fruit galore

300 days to go!!

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