Day 65 – Hot, hot, hot fiesta!


It’s a little warm here : ) Just a little…

This tablecloth is just full of heat – I bought it at the 127 Yard Sale on a very warm day. The biggest difference between their 96 degrees and ours is the humidity. We have almost none, theirs hovers somewhere in the 90′s. Whew…

I found this treasure in the same area as the red and hobnail glasses, the place where the cars crashed. The woman I bought this from was Cranky, yes with a capital C. But again, to be fair, I’d be cranky too if I were out in that heat. She thought quite highly of her stuff and charged accordingly but I was determined to bring this home.We’ve got cactus, we’ve got sombreros, we’ve got yellow and green and purple…we’ve almost got Mardi Gras but we definitely have a fiesta! We’ve also got heat : )We’ve got a small Fiesta party going on here. The lilac dinner plate and seamist green salad plates are post-86 (modern) as is the yellow gravy/whipped cream vessel. The green pitcher is modern but the yellow bowls are vintage Harlequin and the salt & pepper shakers are vintage Fiesta.The napkins are vintage (thank-you Nadine!) and the silverware is my tried and true french ivory from Sur la table. The glasses, martini or margarita, just depends on what you put in them, have polka dots on them. These were standard stock when I bought them, no decoration. I punched some holes in some contact paper, affixed the paper to the glasses where I wanted dots and painted on some glass etching liquid. Ten minutes later I washed off the goop, peeled off the contact paper and we had dots!What’s on the vintage ivory plate? That would be a lovely fruit tart it would! I discovered we not only have a gelato bar at work but this same bar sells locally made pastries, such as the delicate tart here. YUM! Seriously, how good is that?

Any assistants today?

Oh no Stuart...

Stuart hopped up on the table BEFORE I could set it and wouldn’t leave. He brought with him an entire corner of the yard. I could plant carrots in the amount of dirt he left behind…

Kitties. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Tomorrow – Pink Thai dinner

301 days to go!!

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