Day 64 – Red bows and polka dots : ) the same time...

After a week of almost straight blue I felt the need for red. It just so happens I was looking in one of the many drawers for something completely unrelated when I spied the corner of this. I bought this so long ago I can barely remember…but I do remember that it was at the Alameda Flea Market when it was on the other side of the island, where we looked out over the lagoon that held, among others, the USS Hornet. Ah, the good old days. Just wish we knew it at the time : )

The border is BOWS!

The bows just keep on coming : ) Yes, my mother will laugh because for many years she could recognize my stage designs if they had bows on them. I still like them, I just no longer wear them, BIG difference.The other ultra cool thing about this cloth is the grey stripes – they chevron at the corners! It seriously doesn’t get much better than this.To pay homage to the grey stripes I started with the pearl grey Fiesta dinner plate, threw on my favorite scarlet lunch plate and added the grey plaid berry bowl. And yes, we have berries! I introduced Angie to Berkeley Bowl the other day and so I am seriously stocked with raspberries. There will be jam soon…Vintage napkins from Nadine, bakelite silverware, the hobnail glasses from the 127 Yard Sale and my Fiesta disc pitcher and gravy boat (gravy, chocolate sauce, cream…its all the same).

There were no assistants today for the reason that Stuart chose to run around the yard like a crazy man, chased Max and in a panic they both ran across the table knocking things askew…I hid my eyes until the carnage settled and thankfully all that hit the ground was some silverware. Kitties…

I’m feeling more bright colors coming this week, along with a small heat wave. No more ‘feels almost like fall’ for a while : )

Tomorrow – Hot, hot, hot fiesta!

302 days to go!!

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