Day 63 – Tea on a Swing

Turquoise love : )

This was merely the final piece of the puzzle so let’s go back to the beginning.It’s a lazy day…we’re all still recovering and the weather is lovely. It *almost* feels like fall!

I’m thinking a book and a nap under the blue sky is a fine plan. Isn’t this porch swing amazing? I got it from a freecycler and it is completely vintage. The very nice couple that decided to get rid of it also had a nearly complete set of new/original covers! This was the DELUXE set – look at the arms, they have covers. Even the bars that hold up the seat have covers : )I pulled out the vintage Fiesta for this one. Everything except the small white plate is vintage.Check out my very cool fifties glass – I call them ‘boomerang’ glasses and have several, each in a different color.

Apparently when I decided to get this swing from the freecycler I tapped into some long-ago memory of porch swings:

Me : )

This is my Grandma Bertha, my Aunt Betty and me in early 1962. That swing is almost exactly like the one I have now but that one has no arm or support covers. It does have a pretty floral print while mine is ‘just’ turquoise but I have more fringe (fringe, honey…fringe!)

This was a note from my mom about today’s post:

“Grandma Bertha had made that swing cover; it was her favorite colors of purple & green.  You supervised the painting of the parts of the swing that show…rustoleum paint.  We also painted 2 metal garden chairs to match the color scheme.  Papa Nick probably didn’t like it but we thought it was very fashionable, indeed.  That was Easter Sunday; Dad was in Pasadena studying for his oral exams in another day or 2.  We were out of the house to insure quiet study time.  Betty went back to S.F. later that day or next; it was her last semester before graduating in June. “

And guess who decided that the swing was HIS spot:

Prince Max

Max did. He hopped right up and settled down. The book on the porch swing is “Perry the Imp” and Max is quite an Imp in all the good senses of that word.  I’m happy to share the swing with Max and even read him “Perry”.

Tomorrow – Red bows and polka dots : )

303 days to go!!

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