Day 62 – A Grape dinner

The grapes with lathe : )

I felt the need to break from blue today – and this one kept nudging me…

On a trip into Berkeley to look for dress fabrics that might work for 1930′s dresses for the Gatsby picnic we made a quick stop at a store called Home 101. We walked in and saw THE most amazing vase just sitting there…waiting.

When I asked how much it was the owner said “Everything is half off, today is my last day.” We were sad. We were able, however, to score some amazing finds at great prices so thank you, Allison. Your store was an inspiration (I’ve shopped there a few times before), I’m sure the decision to close wasn’t easy. Thank you for the beautiful vase here!The tablecloth was pretty great to start out with. This was another in a bundle of ‘cutters’ that I found at the Alameda Flea Market a couple of years ago. (Cutters are the cloths that are considered too damaged to be sold and used as a tablecloth any more, sometimes the holes are small and you can work around them, sometimes you can stick your entire head through them.)

Somehow, I just couldn’t bring myself to cut this one up. I’m glad I didn’t.Keepin’ it simple today. It’s been a long week, and a long weekend, so I’m feeling the need for some simplicity. I started with modern Fiesta plates in pearl grey and seamist green. The little berry bowls are my 50′s grey plaid set from Salvation Army.The light grey napkins were with another cloth from Nadine at Alameda,the purple glasses came from Pottery Barn a million years ago and the silverware is the french ivory from  Sur la Table.

THE vase!

For the cherry on the icing on the cupcake – the vase! Just the right green with just the right purple, just fabulous!!

Here’s the ironic thing – I bought some gorgeous flowers at Trader Joe’s a day or two ago to go with this cloth and by the time I got home today they were dead. Not just wilted but wilted beyond all possible hopes of resuscitation. So I punted…I took the basil Angie brought to me from her garden and paired it with some small champagne grapes and voila : ) A centerpiece is born.Stuart hopped up to check out the little grapes and to eat some basil. Then he decided a nap was in order.

Tomorrow – Tea on a swing

304 days to go!!

1 comment to Day 62 – A Grape dinner

  • Angie

    I would ask to buy the vace from you, because it is so lovely but I know there is no parting you from your favorite color combo. I wish the rest of the basil looked like that. You got the best bunch.

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