Turkey Platter of Questionable Origin

Turkey Platter of Questionable Origin

Turkey Platter of Questionable Origin

This gem was in Sue’s box of ‘platters’ from her prop days – she pulled it out and my first response was ‘What the h*#$ were you thinking???”

She was thinking that many shows we did called for full tablesettings, often practical (meaning the actors would pass platters and plates, pour things from pitchers into glasses, etc.) Some of these actors weren’t the most coordinated, their talents lay in dialogue and expression, not balance and fine muscle movements : )

After one quite disastrous show Sue started buying random pieces to have as back-ups in case of onstage accident.  She found this piece at Salvation Army for $2. It still had the price tag on it when she pulled it out : ) The colors are our least favorite 70’s combo of all that was wrong with that era. The cartoon turkey is just sad and a little undignified and the fact that is is all on PLASTIC just completes the triad of tacky. A fireman I know once said that in order for a disaster to occur three things have to go wrong – if you interrupt just one thing then no disaster. We have here a genuine decorating disaster.

This inspired our new feature. Whenever we come across something that has us saying “WHAT…???” we will snap a pic and post it. The first pictures I took were of Sue holding this little gem and we were both laughing so hard the pictures were too blurry to see much.

If you find items that cause you to say “WHAT…???” send us a pic and we’ll post it! We would LOVE to see what others find!

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