Day 61 – Birthday tea party

Vintage napkins

What better way to celebrate a 5 year olds birthday than with something vintage!

This is the corner of a set of napkins that my grandmother used with my mom when she was ONE, that my sisters and I grew up using for special occasions and now my nieces are using.

The kids table : )

If all kids tables looked like this would there be as much “Ah mom, do I hafta?” Even the chairs are kid sized. Pair that up with special napkins and dishes and you have a party : )

We’ve got several different sets of dishes going on here. The main set is an IKEA find, and the pink, green, turquoise and lemon are pretty close to Fiesta colors. The pink and turquoise cups and saucers and the creamer & sugar are actually a set my nieces own, most likely for their dolls but they work just as well here.

The ‘teapot’ is really the creamer from my Lindt Stymeist set. The proportions work perfectly for a kids party!The little tiny ‘cut glass’ cups are depression glass. They are part of a lemonade set that includes a 4″ tall pitcher and mini cake plate. They will be making an appearance again : )

The nice thing about kids settings is that they don’t care so much if things match, they like the fact that something is tailored to fit THEM. The bright colors certainly help but in this case, size does count!

Who is that at the table?

I did have help today…

Meet Otis

Otis is my parents’ dog who came to check things out. He’s an average size cocker spaniel, not so tall, so you can see the table and chairs really ARE small. He was a little disappointed that there was no food to help himself to so he went to see if the little kids could be conned out of anything good : )

We are starting to make plans to attend, in fine style, the Gatsby Summer Afternoon Picnic at the Dunsmuir house in Oakland this year. The Art Deco Society throws an outdoor fete every year where it is MANDATORY to come in period clothing, create a period setting and eat period food from period dishes and baskets. The date is September 11 so watch for pictures and more info in future posts. You can follow us on facebook for updates as well!

305 days to go!!

2 comments to Day 61 – Birthday tea party

  • Angie

    I could eat broccoli out of those but like all childern I to would rather have cake.

  • Mona Hansen

    Got a call from your Aunt Betty Sunday night. Was so glad to hear from her.
    The Gatsby Picnic sounds like such a fun time. I will have to check on the history of Dunsmuir as that is the street my mom lived on for 60+years. One and 1/2 blocks from where Cheryl & Scott used to live in SF. I really enjoy your website…… clever.

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