Day 60 – Breakfast with April it must be Sue?

We have here a blue tablecloth…it must be Sue’s right?

Why no, as a matter of fact! It’s mine. Another of my April Cornell purchases MANY moons ago…

Once upon a time I read that the blue/yellow combination was the most popular duo in the word of decorating. I’d have to agree, to a point. In my house red and yellow are first but blue & yellow are a close second on the favs list.

Can we eat yet?

I was feeling the blue love today, and when I found the hydrangeas at Trader Joe’s they sealed the deal. One of the few instances in nature where blue IS a natural color, so let’s celebrate the blue-ness of them : )All the blue Fiesta is modern, it’s actual name is periwinkle. My grandma Bertha loved periwinkle, at one time I wanted to change my name to Periwinkle because it sounded fairy-like. I got over it : ) but I still love the color.The middle plate looks slightly yellow but its actually the new ivory. The top plates are vintage yellow as is the small juice pitcher and salt shaker.I used the round blue juice pitcher for a vase today – the cats like to rub against the flowers. When we put them in tall pretty glass vases we inevitably hear a ‘crash’ sometime around 2 am. As a consequence my collection of glass vases numbers in the 3 range.To hold my cereal I’m using my fifty-nine cent IKEA bowls : ) The napkins are courtesy of Nadine and the silverware is my french ivory from Sur la Table. Things are simple today – I have to get a root canal : ( BUT I look upon it as an opportunity to do some non-table tablesettings.

Clingy Stuart

 Stuart senses something is up, he won’t leave me alone. I had to bribe him with treats to get off the table and he left in a huff, growling the whole time. Little does he realize the nest few days will be full of naps and hugs : )

Today is also the birthday of three very special people – Zoey, my niece, eat lots of cake for me! And Ariel and Elora, who turn 13 today and get to spend it feeding tigers and riding rollercoasters. Have WONDERFUL birthday’s ladies!!

Tomorrow – Birthday tea party

306 days to go!!

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  • Angie

    Shows you can do a little something special even if you don’t have the time or feel up to it. It is nice when we treat ourselves special. What a sweet little boy my Stuart is. And of course Happy Birthday ladies.

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