Day 59 – A Bean Supper

Turquoise and brown!

If it’s turquoise, it must be Sue’s : )

Sue is the blue fan, anything blue and I step back. Just as if she see’s something red, it’s mine or soon will be. Sue found this at the Alameda Flea Market while I was sweating in the humidity in Ohio. She also found the very cool set of turquoise dishes that day. So the cloth and the dishes were the starting point…

Bean pot & Pyrex: )

The brown stripes begged for an accessory so we pulled out the Bean Pot set. We’re guessing they’re late 50’s or 60’s and they came complete in their boxes and never used! They were the perfect complement here. The turquoise dishes have no marks on them so we can’t even begin to guess their origins. The silverware is what came with my Melmac set in Tennessee and the napkins are why we love Nadine – whenever possible she has napkins with her tablecloths : )

Isn’t cornbread the perfect compliment to beans? We think so, so we have the perfect dish from which to cook and serve it, a covered Pyrex. Some things were designed well and have stood the test of time, Pyrex is one.

The bean pot came with its own warming base so the food can stay warm at the table and Sue even found a vintage ladle to go with the pot:

Ladle friend

It’s more 70’s than 50’s but that’s ok, it plays well with everyone else : )

Never been used

The pot was never used, this is the original label still glued to the inside bottom.This is the box the individual bean pots came in, again unused. We have found use : ) After a long wet winter and a cooler-than-normal summer they may be pressed into service in the very near future.

307 days to go!!

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