Day 58 – Dinner with Grandma

Dainty floral : )

This is what I call a Grandma-print. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, its just not MY thing. Normally I don’t seek these out but this one was part of a ‘cutter’ bundle so I thought, why not?

Not so 'Grandma' now!

Sue has lots of beautiful floral china sets – I was hoping we’d find the perfect match to complement not only the china but the tablecloth as well. We both quickly agreed that what this needed was bold color blocking, starting with the lilac dinner plates.From there it was a hop, skip and a jump to turquoise and chartreuse…with a surprise in the center of the table : )

Check out the TRAY!

Yes, we love the vintage turquoise ball pitcher…yes, the Fiesta salt and pepper shakers are adorable…but look at the tray!Plastic, fab colors and a whopping sixty nine cents. Even with California sales tax that’s less than a DOLLAR!! That’s a lot of fabulous for under a buck : )

The silverware is our newest favorite that came with the Melmac from the 127 Yard Sale. The nifty casserole dish is part of my Magnolia set by Redwing.The gravy boat and creamer are Harlequin, which was a ‘sister’ line to the Fiesta. There are only brief tidbits of history out there about Harlequin, but if you’re interested here is a cool little website:

The turquoise glassware is part of the set I gave my mom for her ‘retro room’ and the napkins are vintage from Nadine. While the print of this cloth reminds me of each of my grandmothers, my dad’s mom would have loved the purple in it! I think she’d be happy to sit at this table, especially since she was the one who taught me to ALWAYS set a complete table : )

Hi Stuart

Stuart didn’t come to supervise today, he just wanted hugs. Hugs are good, go hug someone today : )

Tomorrow – A Bean Supper

308 days to go!!

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